Invoicing, financial management, CRM and Customer information system module integrated to CCS AWB, CCS BACH and CCS AODB systems or to your own in-house system while can also be used as a stan alone system

Would you prefer no double entry of shipment data for invoicing?

Need to be sure that not one shipment and no cost element remain without invoicing?

Want to get rid of pocket calculators and need a system that auto calculates all costs - even preliminary?

Wish to stop making xls files, you need a system where all data can be recorded?

Dreaming of continuous follow up of costs, income and profit of each shipment to be able to make the correct quotations and the right decisions?

Would you like your customers be able to follow up on your website their shipment statuses on-line?


The solution For You is CCS Hungary Inpro!
CCS Hungary INPRO financial and CRM system (CCS Hungary Inpro) and CCS Hungary Webtrack development took 10 years to perfectly fit to the special needs of air cargo agencies and become the most straightforward system on the market while fully NAV (Hungarian Tax Authority) compatible.
As all our systems are modular, this package has also several modules to offer You exactly what You need.  Plus CCS Hungary Inpro is easy to interface not only to any CCS Hungary system (AWB, BACH, AODB or your own in-house system) but also to your other systems, e.g. bookkeeping.

Please take a look at these presentations, or visit us for a live demo, or ask you specific question on any of our contacts!
It is special!
  • InPro was made specially for the members of air industry
  • all the financial processes can be recorded and followed up in one system: InPro
  • InPro is able to calculate the profit by shipments

Main modules:
  • Invoicing module
  • Cashier module
  • Bank module
  • Reports

Invoicing module
You can issue your invoices in English but in case of need on any other language. The changes in law or air industry standards is followed up in the system, and all the new versions will be downloaded and updated automatically at your local system.
If you make invoices only once in a given period for some clients, or supply services continuously during a given period, you can issue "Debit notes" from the system of delivered services and you can send a financial notification for your partner. After it when you want to make the invoice, just mark all the debit notes of the given period and the system automatically issues the invoice and makes the detailed statistics for the customer on paper and in excel file as well.
The system handles the different currencies and rates. The rates also can be imported into the system instead of manual entry.
If you have a mobile agents issuing invoices manually on a different invoice number, neither this is a problem for InPro. These invoices can also be entered to the system to be included in the statistics and sent via the interfaces to other systems.
You can have all the shipment information on the invoice, stored in specific fields, which means, you can make reports, statistics on them too.
Of course you can enter the payable invoices to the system as well.
To speed up the processes you can use masks in the system to issue an invoice or enter a payable invoice.
Cashier module
You can handle the cash flow processes of your company whit this module as it is required by NAV (Hungarian Tax Authority). All your receivable and payable invoices can be linked to the given cash flow.

Bank module
This module serves the function to enter all the bank transactions of your company.  Even if your customer transfers several invoice at once, you can link the receivable invoices one by one to that one bank transfer. It works also on bank transfer of your payable invoices. 

Reports, statistics
All the entered data supports the different reports and statistics which can be generated from the system. Of course the basic reports, payment reminder and balance notification can be printed out  automatically from the system for selected customers.
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