eFreight and eCustoms at BUDAPEST AIRPORT

In Hungary, stepping forward from basic eFreight functionality, we introduced electronic (EDI) export customs exit permission with the help and creative cooperation of Hungarian Customs Authority.

eCutsoms project became part of Hungarian eFreight project offering a lot of advantages not only for eFreight users and shipments but also for those, who wish to send their shipments with accompanying documents.

No more stamping, no need to visit Customs Customer Desk!
History of Hungarian eFreight and eCustoms.

In 2004 IATA started the eFreight project with the aim of eliminating paper based documentation in air cargo transportation and replacing all documents with EDI messages.
Today in Hungary, eFreight was successfully introduced and became part of everyday life of logistics chain members and the normal air cargo procedure.

The eFreight systems and practices of Hungary, with special regards to the level of integration and number of eliminated documents, are IATA approved and are recognized worldwide as a good example and recommended practice by IATA.

In 2004 IATA (International Air Transport Association) initiated the e-Freight project, with aim of eliminating paper based documents issuance and transportation in air cargo and replacing them with simple and standard EDI environment.
This project changes the whole logistics chain, forming an “active industry leader team” of airlines, CCS's, major forwarders, FIATA, IATA and WCO. Together with IATA this group is to coordinate all members of the industry (airlines, forwarders, handling organizations, authorities) and push forward the whole project.

Hungary is traditionally among the most developed countries regarding the use of EDI. In Hungary since 1996 exists the Cargo Community System (CCS Hungary) and practically from the first year all active air cargo forwarders and handling agents were members/users of CCS Hungary.

The first EDI reporting to Customs in Hungary started in 1998 and since the scope of data exchanged with Customs continuously expanding.
Introduction of eCustoms in 2008 dramatically changed the life of Airport Customs Directorate and all the companies at BUD Airport remarkably shortening the time of customs procedures.
All the customers at the airport applied the new procedures and thanks to that, nearly 100% of customs clearances are made by EDI at BUD airport. Based on this success, to make more advanced, simple and quick the cargo flow at BUD airport, in 2009 Hungary joined to eFreight project. It was important to offer an international standard, well designed handling process with all its advantages ( simple handling processes, cost cutting, security, standardization and harmonization to offer a higher quality service to the customers). Of course, eFreight replacing the old fashioned paper based processes is not only for companies/customers but offering advantages also for the authorities, providing a useful tool also for the Customs by a quicker and more accurate information flow in exports and imports, enhancing customs control efficiency and offering cost savings which is a basic need in today's economy.

Today eFreight is present in most of the countries and airports, and since 15. November 2012  live in Hungary too.

Introduction of e-Freight in Hungary is being done by CCS Hungary Aircargo Ltd and KVM Technology Hungary Ltd offering a wide range of EDP system tools for airlines, forwarders and cargo handling agents. The introduction of eFreight system in exports and imports is supported by the Customs Authority which means, customs accepts in customs formalities the eFreight standard e-MAWB.

Its a fact and no question that EDI offers advantages, makes possible quicker service times,  enhance accuracy and reliability, offer a better environment for tracking and tracing and depending on the volume of traffic may even ensure cost saving on a short term. From now on to use e-Freight as a tool to cut costs and enhance efficiency is up to the companies, but by our expectations it will give a strong helping hand to the whole Hungarian air transportation industry which is having hard times nowadays.
14. December 2012. A picture from the press conference held at BUD airport on the occasion of official introduction and start of live operations of Hungarian eFreight and eCustoms:
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