What is the "Cargo Community System"?

A Cargo Community System is an institution usualy organized on national basis. CCS institution is such a neutral and independent system that connects the members of air cargo logistics chain and in most of the cases - like in Hungary - organizes and opimizes the air cargo procedures.
The initial duty of this institution is to provide a common language communications platform and channel for all parties of the logistics chain, based on the standards and rules set by the global organizations, like IATA and EU, IATA, FIATA, WCC. CCS should translate between different standards of the partner too. Therefore CCS is such a communications service provider that translates the standard or non-standard EDI messages of each member to the EDI standard of the other interested memeber to be able to distribute the information for all related partners in a machine readable format, to avoid duplicated manual data entry and to speed up procedures.

What kind of advantages may offer a national Cargo Community System?
  • All parties of the logistics chain may communicate with each other without remarkable investment and cost.
  • Provides competetive advantage to all members and for the whole country while remains strictly neutral.
  • With the help of CCS technological advancing become faster and it is a solid basis for paperless work in air cargo. CCS is the key to e-Freight which is a good cost cutting tool too.
  • With the help of CCS special or dangerous cargo forwarding may similarly easy and safe as standard air cargo.
  • As a consequence, air cargo transportation become easier, quicker, cheaper that is a great help for national products to be succesfull on the global market.
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