EDI with your partners! Get connected with forwarders, handling agents, Customs and other authorities in Hungary!

Are you new in the Hungarian air cargo market? Would you like to get connected in one step with all the Hungarian air cargo agents and exchange EDI information wit all your partners through one channel?


Would you like to spare your SITA communications costs? Do you need a service provider who can connect you without development costs to all your partners: handling agent, forwarders, authorities? 


Looking for a professional partner to support your entry to the Hungarian air cargo market?


Are you just about to start up an airline and looking for an IT service provider and airline systems vendor partner, innovative enough to differentiate your company from the competition and flexible enough to understand your vision?

If your answer is yes to any or all the above questions, Your partner in Hungary should be CCS Hungary!
Join now to Cargo Community System Hungary community!
From 01JAN2011 airlines should report import/export MAWB and HAWB and manifest data to the Hungarian Customs as in any other EU country. We help you to make it! Let CCS Hungary do ICS/ECS communications for you, not only in Hungary but EU wise.
Save your SITA telecom costs! Set up an internet based (e.g. FTP) connection to CCS Hungary and your whole IATA standard message communications turn to be free with your handling agents and forwarders in Hungary! Plus you may reduce the number of irregularities if you receive all MAWB/HAWB data electronically!
Cargo Community System Hungary can deliver to you immediately on all your MAWB/HAWB data in FWB and FHL messages. Additional to this  your agents may make reservations with FFR/FFA and get your up to minute schedule by FVR/FVA.
All you send to your forwarders is free!
All you send to your handling agent is free!
No basic fees!
Get connected to the whole Hungarian air cargo market in one go through Cargo Community System Hungary IATA standard EDI services!
Interesting, attractive? Would you like to know more about CCS HUNGARY services? Please view the opportunities:
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