6 ways to interface your in-house system to CCS AWB to benefit from Hungarian eFreight and eCustoms services


Are you aware that there is no need for double data entry both to your in-house system and CCS AWB if you wish to avoid paperwork and visitng Customs Office using eFreight and eCustoms in Hungary?


CCS Hungary AWB is the one and only forwarder system that provides on-line EDI connection to both Customs and to all handling agents and airlines, while it can also be connected with EDI to your in-house system?


Save time and money! Give a better service to your customers! Get rid of papers and archives!


Use CCS Hungary AWB system with interface to your in-house system!

Only CCS Hungary AWB system may free your from paper based procedures at Customs and cargo handling agents therefore this is the only forwarder system that is not a cost element in your budget but a cost saving tool! And now you may interface it without costs to your in-house system to avoid double data entry!

Nowadays paper based procedure not only costs you time, printing and archiving but even paper based procedures are surcharged by your partners. Send the data electronically and save AWB data entry fees and time.

Have you ever calculated how much it costs you to continue using paper based procedures? How much the manpower, materials, printer equipments, document transportation, document archiving costs you? Have you ever faced loss of a customer or compensation cost due to delays or incorrect documentation? Would you like to have a winning position in the competition with other forwarders?

Herewith we offer you 6 ready to use solution to choose the one that best fit to your in-house system interfacing capabilities! Some agents are using it for almost 20 years.

Get interfaced! Use EDI without implementation costs or usage fees!

Get acquainted with the options you have to save manual data entry work, save time and money and the risk of loosing you customs licenses! Do not continue to risk transportation irregularities and customs penalties due to misstypings!

Please read the below presentation to see how easy to step forward to EDI, eCustoms and eFreight! Pass this presentation to your IT department, they will validate that it is easy to do and feasible!

Just make the proper decision, the rest we will do - just write to us at sales()ccs.hu or via other contacts of CCS Hungary!



Do not forget! CCS Hungary is not simply the only one Hungarian air transportation software company, but also the operator of Cargo Community System Hungary, the institution based on IATA és FIATA recommendations aiming to coordinate and simplify the air cargo logistics chain. We have detailed and up to date information on all regulations, procedures, trends of Hungarian air cargo business and we are more than happy to share all this with our valuable partners!




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